Query Letters – Some Random Links

I was going to link to another post about authors and depression, but it turns out I’ve stored a ton of links related to query letters.  So, I figured I’d post those now before I forget which ones they are:

First, I had mentioned the post I’d run across about whether or not you should thank someone for their time in a query letter.  Turns out I’d bookmarked it, so here it is: BookEnds – Thank You For Your Time.

(Personally, I say you thank them, but you do it at the end.  If they make it that far, then they deserve a small thank you for making it that far.  If they don’t, you’re not actually thanking them.  Just don’t grovel.  It’s not pretty when asking for a date and it’s not pretty when seeking an agent.)

Second, a post by PCW on Query Letters.  It happens to contain one of my all-time favorite quotes (this year at least):

“I’m a novelist; if I coulda said it in less than 100,000 words, I woulda.”

Third, Suzie Townsend’s query roundup from August 31.  It contains a few good pointers on crafting query letters.

Fourth, a link to #10QueriesIn10Tweets.  Look for the tweets by Sara Megibow.  Note how many queries aren’t targeted properly?  And the one with a completely unrealistic word count?  And how many have weak grammar/structure.  Fix those issues, and you’re playing a completely different game than most aspiring authors.

Fifth, How to Write a Great Query Letter by Noah Lukeman.  It’s a link to a 100+ page PDF.  I haven’t read it yet, but I may have skimmed it at some point.  I did bookmark it, so must have thought it was worth looking at further.

The Internet – it’s just information overload 24/7!

Anyway.  Enjoy.  I have packing to do.  Good times!


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