This wait is killing me! (re: my novel and beta readers)

I thought I’d return from my little vacation (which was far more of a work trip than I thought it was going to be) and I’d write about something deep and interesting, but, alas, that is not what today’s post is going to be.

Because now that I’m back from a week of lunches and dinners with folks I haven’t seen in far too long, my mind has turned back to the novel.  I have two more volunteer beta readers from the trip (a close friend and the mother-in-law of a former co-worker), which is good.

But I haven’t heard a peep from my betas that already have the novel.  Not one word.  And I don’t know if that’s because they haven’t started reading it yet (possible) or if it’s because they’re waiting until they finish reading it to tell me what they think (possible) or if it’s because they tried to start reading it and haven’t made it past page ten and may never do so (probable).

Well, that’s technically a lie.  One of my betas commented that she’d read the first few pages, really liked it, and that it’s definitely a page turner so far.  But that was over two weeks ago!  (And she’s known to be really, really nice.)  If it’s really a page turner wouldn’t she have finished it by now?  Wouldn’t she have brought it up when we had dinner a week ago and mentioned how she’s at “X” point in the book and is wondering how it’ll turn out?

But nothing.  Nada.

And it’s killing me.  Because like every nervous, insecure writer on the planet, the more silence I hear the more my mind decides that I really suck at this writing thing and that I’m just a hack and…well, you can fill in the blanks.  (That’s what we as writers are supposed to do, right?  Give you the flavor and let you fill it in with your own experience?  Well, fill away…)

It’s probably good that I’m not getting responses yet, because I still can’t manage to summarize the dumb thing into a coherent pitch.  My friends, “So, what’s your novel about?”  Me: “Um, well, see, um, there’s these three characters…but, wait, no, I need to back up and tell you about the world first…but…”

Yeah, not pretty.  I swear, sometimes I think the writing bit was the easy part!  Hahaha.

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M.H. Lee is a speculative fiction writer currently residing in Colorado whose stories are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes darkly funny, but hopefully always thought-provoking and entertaining.
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2 Responses to This wait is killing me! (re: my novel and beta readers)

  1. I know me personally that this summer has been crazy and I’m way behind on everything, including beta-reading. Give it a few weeks and then send out a friendly reminder email to your betas. If you still don’t hear anything, might be time to find new betas.

    • mhleewriter says:

      Great advice. I actually had dinner with one of my betas last night and found out that she’s fifty pages into the book and liking it. We may have to duke it out over the Oxford comma, but at least it was some sort of feedback from someone.

      And I did a search on Absolute Write yesterday and decided 4-6 weeks is a good range of time before I can start to bug folks. (I went with readers, so none are used to betaing…)

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