A little random humor (and a bit of a reading challenge)

If today is anything like yesterday (the first three times I tried to think that sentence, I had it backwards – “If yesterday is anything like today.  No, no…other way.”), this is the last chance I’ll have to make a blog post.  Yesterday I was in the office at 8 AM and didn’t leave until 9 PM.  It’s nice to earn money, but it’s not so helpful for the whole blogging/writing life.

So, a few goodies I’ve been saving:

Eunice Cooper, 82, Says George Clooney Can Have Sex With Her If He Wants

A Letter To The Person Who “Un-followed” Me

Things editors hate hearing from authors on a book’s release date,
or: Why murder should be legal in certain circumstances

And, for anyone looking for a little bit of a challenge: Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine excerpts from Miss Snark

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about that lost one for a while.

Reading through the list, some are smack you in the face obvious (at least to me), but with others I wasn’t so sure what was wrong with them the first read through (or second or third…). Perhaps that shows how much further I have to go with this whole writing thing.

So, if you have a little time, read through the list and see what errors you can spot.  To get you started (and I hope no one misses what’s wrong with this one), the second on the list reads:

“Weston was known for the firm but genital hold he had on his men. It was one of the reasons he was chosen for this mission over six other equally qualified men.”

Clearly (I hope), the author meant the “gentle hold” Weston had on his men.  And not the “genital hold.”  Although we are talking SFF stories, so you never know…

And with that thought, I’m off for another day of… Fun?  No.  Thrilling adventure?  No.  Real, gotta slog through it life?  Yep.  Happens to the best of us it seems.

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