Have I said how much I love Patricia C. Wrede?

Well, I’m sure it’s been at least a week since I did so. Here she is with a great post: Show and tell redux.

A few choice quotes:

“Most of all, though, whether something is ‘showing’ or ‘telling’ does not matter, because it is the wrong question. Labeling a sentence, paragraph, or scene ‘showing’ does not make it an effective way of getting that information across to the reader in the context of the particular story the author is telling, any more than labeling it ‘telling’ makes it ineffective.”

“Unfortunately, what too many would-be writers do is turn this on its head. They go looking for problems that aren’t there. They don’t ask ‘Does this scene work? Does it feel right?’ They ask ‘What’s wrong with this scene?'”

“The things that work change from book to book and author to author…and from reader to reader. You have to develop your own feel for it, which is generally done by reading a ton of different books and noticing, on some level, what actually works or doesn’t work, and then by writing a ton of different things and noticing what works or doesn’t work.”

Her post was just the dose of sanity I needed.  Read the full post – it’s worth it, I promise.

I’m tempted to post a John Scalzi-esque picture from my hotel today, but unfortunately I have no view whatsoever other than more hotel rooms and water stained stone, so I’ll spare you.

Well, off to drink heavily in anticipation of having to wear a suit and sit in an office for the rest of the week.  (Ok, not really, but I’d love to be that type of person some days.)

Too bad you can’t shortcut this successful author thing…

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