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“Discovering” Someone

I’ve been trying to be a relatively nice person on this blog.  Sure, I’m a bit opinionated, but I try not to call people out or rail against anyone.  And, honestly, that’s how I am in real life, too.  BUT.  … Continue reading

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Synopsis Fun

I’m debating applying for a writing workshop, because I think I’m about at the point where I can get myself writing-wise without some sort of added outside boost.  (And pretty soon I’m going to need new beta readers, because my … Continue reading

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Don’t Send Cookies!

I’ve been reading my way through Miss Snark’s blog (which is still full of lots of useful information even though she no longer posts there).  And last night I ran across this post, which reminded me of a New York … Continue reading

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Patricia C. Wrede on “To preach or not to preach”

I love when PCW covers a topic that I’ve been struggling with, because she always seems to do so in a more nuanced and articulate manner than I ever could.  Her Sunday post was about whether or not an author … Continue reading

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Meta messages and dialogue

This sounds fancier than it is.  And I probably wouldn’t have used the phrase “meta message” if a friend hadn’t used it the other night when we were all having a drunken discussion.  Somehow my brain took that discussion and connected … Continue reading

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So, a month or two ago, I was suddenly gripped by this paranoid memory of a high school English class and some vague recollection that I should never use contractions in my writing.  (And I saw the question pop up … Continue reading

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“Make good art” – Neil Gaiman

Since I spent part of the time I should have spent writing this blog entry listening to Neil Gaiman’s keynote address to The University of the Arts, I decided that instead of writing a post today, I’d just share his … Continue reading

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More manuscript formatting advice

So, I forget which site had this link to Strange Horizon’s Submission Formatting Details, but I figured I’d pass it along, because it’s the best document I’ve seen so far for fixing certain formatting issues that I kinda knew I … Continue reading

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Does who someone “is” matter?

What I mean by this question is, does someone’s personal beliefs, background, appearance, etc. affect the enjoyment of what they write? As I’ve mentioned previously, I lurk a few writer’s forums, and the other day I realized that one of … Continue reading

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Read receipt is a bad idea

In honor of the fact that Facebook is now going to indicate if someone has read a message you’ve sent them (and it’s not optional), I figured I’d write a little rant about read receipt. So, for those of you who … Continue reading

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